Pest Management

Pest Management

Pest management for our laminate flooring. We all know how expensive laminate flooring is, and we like to protect them as much as possible. Having pest crawling on your laminate flooring will only cause them to be destroyed faster. Below are some tips from pest busters shared by our best pest control companies in Singapore that can be done easily on your own so you do not need to call for any pest control services.

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1. Insect Repellent
An obvious way to pest management is to use insect repellent. Another method that pest busters would never reveal is to use vinegar which can be found in almost every household. You may like to wipe your floor with white vinegar as pest hates the taste and smell of vinegar once the vinegar is dried. To specifically kill ants, mix borax with sugar near anthill. This will cause the ant to feed on borax which is the agent that kills them. However, it is not safe to place this near the children area if there are any.

2. Non-Fat Milk
Another pest management method is to spray non-fat milk with water onto the leaves of your plants if you have any. This method is especially useful to kill aphids and such method is not only inexpensive, it does not harm your plants unlike the chemicals used by pest busters. Dish washing liquid mix with water can do the same trick as well.

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3. Bay Leaves
Another home remedy that professional pest management never told you is to use bay leaves. Bay leaves are especially useful in keeping cockroaches and bed bugs away. Borax can also be used to kill cockroaches. Simply mix borax, cornmeal and flour and add a dash of icing sugar. Then sprinkle all over potential cockroaches hide outs. Another formula containing boric acid is to mix them with sugar and non-dairy creamer which comes in powder form. Again, it is important to keep borax away from children. Alternatively, baking soda which can be easily found in households, acts as great pest busters agent.

Knowing the above methods will save you from getting rid of pest and also, save you from having to call for pest control companies in Singapore. However, if the problem still persists, do not hesitate to contact pest management for their pest control services.