Pest Control

pest control

You need to call pest control services because rats or mouse are filthy creatures that bring diseases and carry parasites and it will pose a danger to you if they nest in your homes. They are warm blooded animals and have two large front teeth that are very strong to chew anything. The rats or mouse also reproduce quickly and should be stopped so the problem will not be uncontrollable. The rats mostly hide in dark, warm places such as the attic, basement and under concrete walls or behind them. There are reputable pest control companies in Singapore to help you eradicate this problem or you can try to get rid of the rats on your own.

There are 3 methods for the rat and mouse problem and the methods are getting help from pest management, solving the rat problem on your own and preventing rats manifesting in your home. There are good reputable pest busters in Singapore which you can easily find online, phone books and seeking recommendations from friends will be a good start. Call a few of the pest control company and request for a quote to get rid of the rat problem. Explain the situation clearly to the pest control so that he can propose a pest control services methods. The common solutions will be to either poison the rats or trapping them. Do consider the types of chemicals and poison used as some can be harmful to pets and small children. Also do check if the pest control services include remove the dead rats. This is important as dead rats can cause a very unpleasant smell if not removed from the walls or attics. Compare their prices and their methods before deciding to engage a pest control company.

The second method which is removing the rats on your own offers two choices. You will need to decide whether to kill the rats or removing them humanely. Once you have decided, you will need to identify and seek their feeding and nesting places. The obvious signs that rats had been to a particular place are that there are droppings around the area or furniture and other items being chewed on. If you decide to kill the rats, you can purchase rat poison, snapping traps or glue boards from hardware stores. Read the instructions and warnings carefully found on the rat poison packaging as a particular substance can be dangerous to pets and humans as it can cause internal bleeding. Please do not purchase rat poison that is labelled as rat repellents because they are considered illegal and not effective. Also ensure that dead rats are removed quickly from the traps or glue boards as they can cause unpleasant smell if left out too long. Glue boards can cause the rats to suffocate when their heads are stuck to it and the rats may chew off their feet and legs to escape. Do prepare yourself for the gruesome sight of dead rats.

The pest control companies in Singapore has a way to get rid of rats will be to set up wired cage traps that do not kill them. Set up the trap with a little food to attract the rats and once they get to the bait, the spring release door will close and trap them in the cage. After catching the rats, ensure that you release the rats far away from your home so they will not return to your home.

The last method is to prevent rats infesting your home and keeping to some simple steps will ensure that the rats do not make your home their nesting ground. Do seal all your trash bags and bins especially when there is food. Make sure that food is not easily accessible by sealing them up or kept in closed containers. Next is to check for holes found in walls, doors or crevices. Seal or repair those holes to prevent rats from entering your home.