Alliance Pest Management

Alliance Pest Management Pte Ltd has become one of the leading pest management companies in Singapore. Since our incorporation in 1998 with just 7 technicians and a fleet of 5 vehicles, the team has now grown to consist 50 over staff & a fleet of 30 vehicles.

APM offers a comprehensive suite of pest management and control services for the following:

– General Pests
– Termites
– Cockroaches
– Ants
– Bed Bugs
– Mosquitoes
– Rodents
– Snakes
– Garden Pests

Committed to providing timely and efficient service of the highest standards to our customers, APM invests heavily in cutting-edge technology for our operations, as well as in constant skills upgrading and development for our staff. Our guiding philosophy is to seek constant innovation and progress in line with our Brand’s core values—Assurance, Professional and Meticulous.

To be the Leader in the Pest Management industry in Singapore that provides excellent service and effective solutions for ALL clients.

To provide expert pest management services using the latest proven technology in a responsible way to create a safe and healthy environment.

Promising excellent services to our customers.

Providing high standard of professional ethics, behavior and services at all times.

Being very precise about details during inspection and treatment to ensure the highest safety standard.

Alliance Pest Management

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