Pest Control Companies in Singapore

Pest Control Companies in Singapore

There are many pest control companies in Singapore and countless of pests out there such as bed bugs, cockroaches and rodents but the most destructive pest is termites. You will not even be able to notice them until the sixth year and it will be too late by then. Below are three tips from pest control companies in Singapore:

1. Check for holes
Obvious holes are serious signs of termite infestation and if you go close enough, you will be able to actually see the termites. However, it does not necessarily mean that there are no termites if no holes are spotted. Using a screwdriver, tap on the foundation beams and pay attention to the hollowness. Additionally, pry into wood and check if it is still strong. If the wood falls apart easily, it certainly means that termites are present. Other than that, you may find termites’ droppings near the weakened wood and these droppings are dark brown in colour.

2. Pest Control Companies in Singapore
As termites feed on cardboard, one termite control method is to cut strips of cardboard, stack them up and wet them. Then, place it near to the area you suspect there might be an infestation. Remember to burn the trap if the cardboard is filled with termites.

Alternatively, you can purchase beneficial nematodes. They are natural parasites to termites and are a good form of pest busters. They burrow into termite larvae causing the termites to die in 48 hours.

Another natural method pest control companies in Singapore use is sunlight. Place the termite-infested item where there is direct sunlight at least two to three days. The heat from the sunlight will kill the termites. However, this can only work if the termite-infested item can be brought out of the house like your furniture and it only works in country where sunlight is abundant. If you live in a cold country, you may want to consider freezing the termite-infested item instead. Similarly, place them in the freezer for two to three days.

Boric acid is commonly used by many pest control companies in Singapore as it is a highly effective termite control method. It is most effective pest control services when used with bait stations which usual household would not have, thus pests control companies should be called in. It is important to compare prices of competing pests control company and make sure to ask for a written contract for a two-year complete termite extinction program. This contract will garner you free checks on new infestation at no additional cost within two years. As mentioned earlier that heat can kill termites, a microwave spot treatment can be done by pest control company. The pest management will get professionals to heat up your home.

3. Prevention methods
As termites thrive in damp conditions, make sure every inch of your house is dry. When painting wood, add about one tablespoon of pest repellent in the paint. Do not worry that these pests repellent will be toxic, as permethin is approved and safe for humans.