Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

There are several methods to prevent bed bugs in your home and if you do have bed bugs, knowing how to control the infestation will make your life easier and bearable at home. Firstly, you will need to identify if they are bed bugs and not fleas, ticks or other insects that you find. If you are not sure even after looking at them, do seek help from pest control companies in Singapore to advise you for their pest control services.

The first thing that you need to do when you discover that there are bed bugs is not to panic. Do not throw all your things away to get rid of them as your things can be saved and treated. Throwing your infected things is expensive and the bed bugs may also spread to other people’s home.

Look through the options of treating this problem of bed bugs. There are different methods of pest management and it is best to get pest control company to advise you accordingly. Do not immediately use pesticide and sprayed them on your infected things. Spraying pesticide can harm your small pets, children and yourself if used often. You may use simple pest management without spending lots of money with the following methods.

Firstly, you will need to clean out the hiding places of the bed bugs, remove clutter in your home so that there are less hiding places for the bed bugs to hide and reproduce. Otherwise the bedbugs will be harder to find and removing them. Use special pests  cover if the bed bugs are found in your mattresses. The cover should be used on the mattress and box springs so that bed bugs cannot get to you while you sleep. A good bed bug cover should be tried and tested against pest control, durable and last for at least a year. You should also vacuum your furniture such as the carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, all the areas around your bed and even crack, crevices and floor of your room. This will reduce the number of bed bugs and of course bed bug bites. Ensure that you change the vacuum bag and sealed it tightly each time you clean the room so that the bed bugs will not escape. Finally throw them out in the bin far from your home.

After cleaning out the infected furniture and area, do regularly wash and heat dry all your bed sheets, blankets and clothes that touch the floor. Remember to clean your laundry basket as the bed bugs’ eggs could be hidden in them. You can kill and prevent the number of bedbugs by heating or freezing them. Freezing requires a very low temperature for long period of time to be effective in killing the bed bugs. Pest are also not able to withstand extreme heat and they died when their body temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius. Heating will require specified equipment and very high temperatures in the room to be effective in killing the pest. Small items that are infected can be sealed in black plastic bags and leaving it out in the sun for a few hours so that the bedbugs can be killed.

Finally as a last resort, seek help from pest busters to get rid of the bed bugs’ problem that you are facing. Check out reputable pest control companies in Singapore so that the problem of pest can be eliminated. The company that you engaged should be able to provide a comprehensive pest management method to kill those bed bugs instead of using pesticide only.

Last thing to note is not to dispose your mattresses and infected items carelessly as bed bugs can be transferred to other households and people easily. Ensure that the items are not being used or taken by others so as to avoid the pests problem being uncontrollable.